United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

With the shift in industry legislation towards more sustainable practices, we have taken the initiative to be at the forefront of this implementation. Here are some of the ways we are achieving this:

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

A scarcity of innovative sustainable technologies within South Africa, in conjunction with a global move toward and ensure equality and inclusivity in industrialization.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Our dynamic systematic approach towards achieving inclusivity, sustainability and resilience in historically disadvantaged communities empowers and enables various people from different backgrounds.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Our partnership with manufacturing and recycling companies allows for the opportunity to reduce by-products released into the environment and be at the forefront of zero waste to landfills.

Climate Action

The overconsumption of energy, especially fossil-based, drives the carbon emission significantly high. Our product aims to combat this footprint substantially through the utilization of its intrinsic insulation properties.

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